Namastè... and thank you for being here.

Along my way as yoga instructor I've always been charmed by the yoga holiday: as a concept of active travel and holiday, where our daily yoga practice happens to become much more; stories, memories, emotions, effort, pain, and all the beauty that is..staying together.

And I've always loved the ability that many instructors show when moving tens of people with them around the world; and I am sure you did too...

That's why all this deserves the effort and partnership of hotels and resorts that can put together quality, beauty of location, marketing attractiveness, high quality services, kindness, professionality, custom attitude, and areas for your yoga art. Yes because for me Yoga is art.

That's why I created The Daniele Cavatton Yoga Retreats : to show and promote my own Yoga Holidays, and my collaborations with some of the best hotels and resorts. These partners are from different places but share a common purpouse: warmly welcome you during your stay, offering the best services and surroundings. And of course, be so Yoga Friendly !

During this week you can always find luxurious nature, comfortable beds, nice rooms, healthy and tasty cuisine, excursions, culture, fun, beaches, my daily Yoga and Fitness lessons and....You!

Another is the mission of the Daniele Cavatton Yoga Retreats; helping instructors in choosing a location fit for a successful yoga holiday, in a way that usual websites showing hotels can't. You won't find a list of never-ending hotel names, but a menu of selected places where I have been or whose owners I know.

Let me so introduce you my partners, all valued having in my mind what you may need and want.

All of the ready to collaborate. Some were chosen in places famous both for yoga than for their nature, history and nature appeal. So for you to have a part of marketing already done... Others were chosen in a "off the chart" way, for diversification purpouse. On my social media channles I update continuosly what that adenture may look like.

Before going on, really take a look at the Celebrity Page; here I can keep you updated about the amazing journey where I train a famous Uk Tv Host and Celebrity 100% in her adventure in becoming herself a yoga instructor

Take a look check and contact me... Let's create together that newest and successful Yoga Holiday you've always craved for...



What is a Yoga Holiday all about? Nice question; for sure much depends on our fantasy, creativity and what the location has to offer. Every time we try to make something different and new, but at the same TIME Yoga and Fitness are the main character, so here's a little bit of a program. During the week you'll have the chance to take part at 1-2-3 daily yoga lessons that follow the sequence below, obviously being free to change according to our desires and the moment's vibe... Remember always the chance to have pleasant and dedicated-to-you PRIVATE LESSONS.

  • Day 1: Hatha Yoga Basic. Meditation, the Basis of Yoga postures and a well deserved moment of relaxation. The welcome lesson.
  • Day 2: Hatha Yoga Basic. Meditation, the Basis of Yoga postures and a moment of relaxation. Let's repeat the day before to learn better and more.
  • Day 3: Hatha Yoga Advanced + Fitness for Legs. Let's focus all our training on our own basis; our legs.
  • Day 4: Hatha Yoga Advanced + Fitness for Core. Let's rock our abs and arms with yoga and fitness exercises.
  • Day 5: Open your Heart. A whole lesson dedicated mostly to backbends, arms and abs.
  • Day 6: Sun Salutations and Vinyasa Yoga. Let's learn the Fluidity of Yoga with the most famous sequence.
  • Day 7: Follow the Yogi ! The teacher trains and you follow...